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Social media can’t drive sales. [FALSE]

Effectively the fundamental function of any advertising, be it on social media or other mediums, is to drive brand awareness. By virtue of people being aware of the brand, it is more likely that sales will happen. It’s like having the best product in the world, but if...

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My client isn’t on social media. [FALSE]

There is a fair chance that that statement is true and that your client isn’t on social media. We agree, social media isn’t always the silver bullet and is not in every case the answer to all marketing woes. We also understand that there is a good portion of the...

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Holt Lloyd International South Africa/Japan

“If you’re thinking of ignoring the power of social media in support of your brand and business, then more fool you. We at Holts SA had our eyes opened 2 years ago to the potential. We have seen our brand awareness and sales grow not only in South Africa but also in surrounding countries.  Small enough to be personal but with a sharp focus. The Social Media 101 team are a pleasure, and very professional. Focused campaigns right on cue, building awareness, and new business. Social Media 101 – a must.”


Sanlam Cape Town Marathon

“The Sanlam Cape Town Marathon marketing team benefited from a tailored training workshop with Social Media 101 and continued on-going support to our queries. The workshop enabled us to grow our Twitter following by 50% as well as maximize our Facebook exposure. Thank you to the Social Media 101 team, we would definitely recommend your business to others.”


Africa Legal

“As a startup, the right approach to social media and building an online community from scratch is far from easy. Social Media 101’s practical yet personal approach has helped us not only understand the need for a structured strategy but to better understand the way in which we communicate with our customers. Social media is such an important tool and without Social Media 101’s guidance and support we would not have achieved 3000% growth rates in our first few months. We only work with partners who are like minded, professional but down to earth- Social Media 101 tick all of those boxes.”


Campaigning for Cancer

“The Social Media 101 team consists of equal parts strategic genius and untamed passion. You may think this description is an oxymoron, but it’s true. They have not only consistently delivered on our audience growth targets, but worked with us to create informative, credible and highly engaged social media platforms. This has allowed Campaigning for Cancer to change the way our stakeholders view and implement patient education, engagement and advocacy. We’ve also saved a few lives along the way, not a bad testament to harnessing strategic passion.”



“We attended a workshop with Social Media 101 which provided valuable tools to use social media more effectively. Their team has great follow up service and I will recommend Social Media 101 for all!”



“The service from Social Media 101 is of a high standard. They conduct business in a very professional manner and take their time to understand our specific industry and business needs. Their team are always ready and available to guide us on the latest social media trends keeping our business ahead of the curve. We would highly recommend Social Media 101 as a partner in assisting your business with your social media needs.”


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